Why should we choose a CHOICE DJs?
​​Choose us because we provide the best DJ service in the Middle Tennessee area. We pay attention to every detail and make every effort to make every event we do absolutely perfect. We hire and train the best talent, and provide them with the tools to be great DJs. Another important point is that our DJs are there to make you look good, not to make themselves look good.

​​No egos, showboating or embarrassing behavior; just a professional in place to serve you. Truly, the DJ might be the most critical decision one can make when planning a party. We believe you cannot find a higher quality DJ service in the region. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you.

How far ahead should we book your service?
It depends upon the date. Some clients choose to contract a year or more in advance, while some are comfortable waiting until several months prior. Saturdays are the busiest nights, so waiting too long to hire a DJ (or any service) for a Saturday night might lead to disappointment.

Do you use a contract?
​​Absolutely. You should get a written contract from all of your event services. No professional service operates without written contracts, and if a potential service tells you that you don’t need one, turn and run!

​​Do you charge for travel?
Travel charges depend upon the circumstances, which is part of why we customize packages for each client. We are negotiable.

Can we choose the music?
Absolutely. It’s your party! While we are happy to make suggestions, you have total control over the music that is played at your event. We have clients who choose every single song to be played; we have clients who leave it entirely up to us, and everything in between.

​​What time will your DJ arrive?
Typically our DJs arrive 1 to 2 hours before start time to insure proper setup and system integrity. We check microphones and music levels while guests are not present in order to not disturb any part of the celebration.

Do you have any current music?
We update our music library every week, so we always have the most current music.

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